8th Graders At East Lead “My Little Buddy” Program

East Forsyth has had a major drop in population over the past two years and risks being closed for good. This is proven with East having gone from a 4A school to 1A school. So, in order to get our population back, we are inviting all eighth graders from Forsyth County into the hallways (the outdoor ones) of East Forsyth High School. Eighth graders will be required to wear a brightly colored uniform with glow-in-the-dark stripes, so they they are not lost in the crowded courtyard or breezeway.

Since eighth graders are more mature than most twelfth graders, for elective classes, the eighth graders will be paired up with a twelfth grader for the My Little Buddy program (Mylittlebuddy.org). “I am super excited for my senior year, but even more excited to be mentored by an eighth grader!” exclaimed Karissa Brixius (’17).

The My Little Buddy program is a requirement for all rising seniors. If a student refuses they will be punished with extra little buddies.

Due to the need for sports members on all of our teams, all EFHS students will now be required to participate in a school sport during the fall or spring semester. You must play a sport — kind of well — to graduate. Becca Ladd (’17) stated, “This is just a great way to get into shape!”

Many parents of the rising eighth graders are scared of bullying. So, if any bullying occurs to the younger students, the bully will have to sing the Alma Mater while wearing the Eagle mascot suit.

Eighth graders will not be allowed to drive on campus under any circumstances. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors are allowed to drive to and from school in the 2016-2017 school year. We recommend that everyone carpools for congestion issues, environmental issues, and it’s also a great way to bond with your fellow students.  Making new friends is always a great way to be a more rounded happy person.

If anyone has any questions please contact the email of http://www.eastforsyth201617schoolyearproblemsandeighthgraderbudds.com, or call the local adviser Holly Polly at (555) 123-4567.

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