Common Procrastination Techniques Plague Students


We’ve all been there before; we had a project that was due on Friday and you just know that you’ve got to get it done. Yet somehow, you manage to think of a million and one ways to completely avoid the assignment all together. With exams approaching fast and end of the year project due dates coming around the corner, we’re all stressing out and doing as many last minute things as possible. Here are some fellow students at East Forsyth’s own procrastination techniques.

Mckenzie Hutchins (’18) explained her current process she goes through due to procrastination. “I’ll get the project or assignment and usually I’ll get home and sit down with all this stuff I’ve gotta do. I’ll maybe make it through the first three minutes of this project and then I’m bored. My mind will start wandering around and I’ll start thinking of the stupidest stuff ever.”

She explained how her brain also starts to go on a tangent. “Like, I wonder how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are doing. This leads to me Googling them, which leads to me going through several Wikipedia articles, which somehow ends up with me watching some random thing on YouTube about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and everyone knows what a bottomless pit YouTube is. I’ll go from Brangelina to the Kylie Jenner lip-challenge vines. Before I know it it’s like midnight and I have to stay up till four in the morning just to finish my project.”

Ivonne Morales (’18) also described her seemingly constant procrastination cycle. “It is always the same thing for me. I will always wait to the very last minute to actually even start on any projects. Even then it’s a struggle for me to focus long enough on my project to get started. I’ll get home, fix a snack, then think I should probably get my project done. But I will just shrug it off and lay in my bed watching One Tree Hill on Netflix and stalking people on Instagram until it’s the last possible second to start on my project and then I rush through it and pray that I manage to get a C.”

Do you relate to any of their own techniques? Or do you have your own procrastination process? Let us know at the Talon!

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