Senior Week!

The end of the school year is slowly, but surely coming to an end and it’s the time of the year most of the seniors are excited for. After all of their hard work, they got a special week dedicated to them and they got to sit back and participate in fun events such as Senior Assassins, Senior Cookout, Senior Awards Day, and more! This is a deserving time for the seniors before they leave the Eagle nest and take on their own paths. Some seniors are curious as to why the slideshow, cookout and ice cream social are all on the same day, but many are OK with the change.

Ashleigh Cooley (‘16) told us that she was “definitely excited!” about senior week. Cooley said that her favorite event was the cookout. Cooley also says that she would leave the senior week schedule as it is. Justin Anthony (‘16) said the senior cookout was also his favorite event. 

Keenan Johnson (‘16) said, “Yes, I’m excited.” And if he could add a new day to senior week, Johnson suggested “a day where all seniors could skip a day to do whatever.” 

Meagan Piatt (’16) said that she is excited for senior week because its a week for them to celebrate being done with high school.

We are going to miss our seniors once they leave the eagle nest, but until then, at least they can have some time to relax and enjoy the rest of their time here at East. Before they say their final good byes to East Forsyth, they will be able to spend it having fun with their friends and that is the perfect way to do so!


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