Powder Puff Tough

“Hut, Hut, Hike!” Junior and seniors geared up for the opposite playing field in 2016’s powder puff! Did you cheer on these tough Eagle girls?

“It’s been going on since before I was a senior at East back in 2003,” said Ms. Robertson. She commented saying, “It’s a fun rivalry between the junior and senior girls. Historically, the senior girls have won, but occasionally the junior girls win and that really adds excitement! It’s also fun for the gender reversal. The girls playing football, and we always have some great junior and senior boys that make very lovely cheerleaders.” That’s a sight you don’t see everyday!

Ms. Robertson also said, “I never played the game myself, since I’m not very athletic, but I had friends that played and I covered the game for the talon when I was an editor.” Well there’s a similarity herself and I share, although I am gave football a throw! She also added, “I started working on powder puff when I took over being a sponsor for the senior girls club several years ago. The best part is seeing participants having fun, since that’s what it’s all about.”

“We did something new this year as a part of senior week. Any senior that participated in or attended the game got to enter their name into drawings for prizes at the senior picnic and ice cream social. Also, during halftime they made a special announcement with another opportunity to be entered in for prizes,” she explained. I’m sure y’all cheered on your junior and senior girls as they got down and dirty giving their all to really show up our Eagle boys.

Grace Bryant, (’17), said, “I have always wanted to play football, and I was excited to try and win. I’m looked forward to a great game, coming together as a junior class was  fun.” I also asked one of the coaches this year, what he expected of this year’s powder puff. Junior, Madison Cone was a coach along with senior, Caleb Main. Cone commented, “It’s great to coach my fellow classmates and it was especially fun working with the girls. It was a fun event and I hope the seniors are ready to lose.” I’m glad to hear such confidence in the juniors. “I feel like powder puff is a part of the high school experience and those who don’t participate are missing out…I [definitely] didn’t hesitate when Ms. Robertson asked if I was interested,” Cone said.

He looked forward to “having a great time with the girls and beating the seniors.” But, he says, “I had to save my secrets for the game. So, anyone who was interested in seeing us beat the seniors had a blast.”

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