Upcoming Exams

 Exams are coming up very soon and many students are nervous about what’s to come.  We started testing in May with AP exams. The first of these exams was the AP Environmental Science test.  An East Forsyth student who prefers not to be identified said that he becomes “frustrated with teachers who are not preparing well for exams,” and he said the anxiety is especially caused by one particular AP exam, which he and other classmates feel they were ill-prepared for due to the lack of teaching. This has most likely happened to a lot of us who wonder how we’ll get through exams if a teacher is not giving us proper guidance needed for them.

Ms. Lawrence said she makes sure her students are well off for the exams. She believes her students find her unit tests harder than the actual state exam. This is a good strategy some teachers use so as to make it easier on the student during the final. “I usually do seven after school sessions,” and for her AP students, she has one night specially dedicated for a big review where they meet at Panera Bread. 

After state exams, the teacher-made exams follow, and luckily for those with perfect attendance in class, that could mean no test at all because of the new exemptions added this year. Mrs. Monroe, the German teacher says she finds that kids often favor teacher-made exams over state exams because they know what to expect from the style of tests a teacher has made in the past. For the upcoming exams, she advises students to get a lot of rest before the day of the exam, eat breakfast and most importantly she urges kids to “stay positive.” Students will then have EOC exams the last week of school, which unfortunately, you cannot be exempt from even with perfect attendance.

Seniors, however, are looking forward to finally ending the year with the exams. Caitlin Trivette (’16), a senior who was accepted to the University of North Carolina Wilmington, says she’s not really stressed. As for her advice for the exams? “Do it all the night before at 2 am.”


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