The Growth Of ISIS

On March 22, 2016, the citizens of Brussels, Belgium woke up to news of attacks in their own city by the terrorist group ISIS. There were three bombings- two at an airport and one at a metro station. A total of 32 people died that day, with more than 300 injured. ISIS has become more and more active and no one can seem to stop them. When will the reign of this horrible terrorist group that has killed countless people, and injured even more, finally come to an end?

Most of the terrorist attacks that people know about are the ones that occur in major western cities. For example, people all over the world have heard about the terrorist attacks in Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium. The attack in Paris happened on November 13, 2015. Bombers and shooters tore through concert halls, stadiums, and restaurants, killing 130 people and injuring countless more.

Since the Paris attack, there have been hundreds of terrorist attacks across the globe that the media hasn’t put as much light on. One attack occurred on November 24, 2015, just eleven days after the bombing in Paris. A suicide bomber connected to ISIS struck a bus full of Tunisian presidential guards and killed thirteen people. There have been many similar attacks that seem to go unnoticed by most of the world population.

President Obama has stated that the United States military has been working very hard to stop ISIS. Many of their tactics include airstrikes and on-ground operations. The U.S. has recently added a new strategy that has come from the Israeli military. Before bombing a building, the U.S. will fire a warning missile just above it to warn any civilians in the area to leave. So far, the strategy has worked well for saving innocent lives and has allowed the military to destroy anyone or thing associated with ISIS.

Many Americans think that more should be done to help stop this cruel terrorist group. Morgan Hairston (’18) says, “The increasing number of terrorist attacks is a big problem. I think more should be done, but not necessarily by the United States. The U.S. needs to get Middle Eastern countries to fight off ISIS from the inside.” Hairston is not alone, but there are others who disagree. Most agree, however, that ISIS must be stopped, or else more and more people will die by their heinous attacks.


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