Running For Success

Track is persistent in thriving for success, working every day to get better. Though it’s late in the season, the Eagles are still running as hard as they can and giving out a ton of effort. New personal records have been set and the Eagles have picked up a couple team wins. They’ve gained enough momentum to be a threat for both teams to win the conference championship.

One rumor next year is that East Forsyth will be changing conferences. Instead of going up against teams from Greensboro like Northwest Guilford, Ragsdale and High Point Central, East Forsyth will face teams next year from Winston-Salem such as Mount Tabor, R.J. Reynolds, and West Forsyth, and plenty of others from that city. Ms. Ross, a track and field coach, “There are a lot more teams in this conference, it should give us even more competition than we already have and hopefully that can motivate us even more to be better individually and as a team.”

Even though the conference will be switched up next year, the motive is still to win this year’s conference with performances from Eagles that qualify them for the regional meet. Some Eagles who wish to make it still haven’t but will keep trying to until the end of the season. Abdul Zahra (’18) said, “Running takes dedication. It’s not about talent. Dedication is the only way to get better. To have big goals you have to have small goals as well to help you achieve your goal. If there’s one thing I could learn from track, it would be that.”

Though every single runner may not want to attempt making the regional meet, every runner has fun running. Alex Mock (’17) said, “I enjoy running because of the people on my team and our amazing coaches.” Tim Ford (’16) shared the same opinion commenting, “Running is fun sometimes, other times you’d rather be doing anything else.”

No matter the motive, the Eagles seem to be working hard either way and we congratulate them on their successes and wish them luck in the conference meet.

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