Pranks of East Forsyth: Mrs. Watson & Mr. Lorentz

FullSizeRenderEast Forsyth High School has been around since 1962, a total of 54 years. Of course there’s been a good prank or two. .. if by two you mean two hundred. In this issue we will explore pranks experienced by Mrs. Watson and Mr. Lorentz!

Mrs. Watson is a current Civics and Economics teacher at East Forsyth. “For one April Fools prank, a few students told me that my windshield had been broken out of my car and so I start freaking out. Of course they very quickly started telling me that it was a prank.”

“I remember one time there were a few students that were telling me that they wanted to move a teacher’s car, because it was a little Mini Cooper, to the courtyard. Of course these were all 15-year olds and they couldn’t even pick it up, but I always thought it would’ve been such a cool prank.”

“Honestly though, you should ask Mr. Lorentz about pranks,” she said. “I don’t want to divulge into the prank because he might get mad at me. But if he tells you then it’s fine.”

So, I went to find Mr. Lorentz, also a current Civics and Economics teacher at East Forsyth High School, and I asked him about any pranks he had undertook from any students.

“Well you’ll see on my door, my name written in sharpie on my door. Yeah, that was a recent student prank, and I actually know who the student is, and apparently students can just go around stealing name plates off of teacher’s doors and it’s just okay. So that would be one prank that I can think of.”

Lorentz went on to say, “But the more creative pranks are actually pulled by the teachers on teachers. I carry around this yellow stick from time to time, and I’ll just walk around and if I saw anything going on I’d just hit it on their desk a few times, right? A group of teachers one day took my green stick, it was green during the time, and they taped an alarm clock to it. They placed it on top of these cabinets I had in the back during the time and set it to go off at 9 o’clock. So during the middle of first period, it starts going off and I couldn’t find it. I could hear where it was coming from, but I’m like looking around hearing where it was going off at. Apparently my whole class was in here whenever they did it so my whole class knew where it was the entire time and they were just watching me running around trying to find it. That is definitely the more creative one.”

Teachers, have you had a prank pulled on you on campus? Let us know at The Talon!


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