NAB Releases New Tech


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When lots of filmmakers and film equipment come together, magic happens. NAB, also known as the National Association of Broadcasters (a convention that happens every April in Las Vegas that showcases the new film making tech that will come out later that year). There are new pieces of technology, including cameras, drones, and editing software, like Adobe and Sony Vegas.

There are many types of cool drones that you can see at this convention, like the Inspire, which can shoot 4K resolution, giving the video footage almost a Hollywood movie look. Niko Pueringer, a filmmaker that is the co-founder of Corridor Digital, said, “camera rig of the future,” when talking about a camera rig that goes with the Inspire drone so that you can check the video on the ground when the drone is in the sky.

Same Gorski, the other co-founder to Corridor Digital, said, “there is 8K cameras, so that whole game of dynamic range of using digital video cameras was just kind of over now. The good cameras exist and they are reasonably affordable.” The population of filmmakers is rising and now it is easier than ever to actually acquire amazing equipment that would otherwise be only accessible by the big shot production companies.

NAB happens once every year and brings more filmmakers each year. There are many different types of gizmos at NAB that deal with filmmaking in some was, including camera’s, rigs, and lenses. But with all these amazing new pieces of technology being shown, not everyone will be able to get these technologies.

Virtual Reality headsets are also growing in popularity with filmmakers, especially to see the first person point of view when using a drone. Also don’t forget about jib arms that helps stabilize a camera giving it more of a clean pan and tilt while also giving it height.

With all of these new pieces of equipment for filmmakers coming out, it will definitely be interesting to see what new films come out later this year.

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