Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill

Andrew Jackson has been featured on the 20 dollar bill since 1928, however, people have realized it’s time for a change.  This year, it’s been announced that we’re finally making room for Harriet Tubman and celebrating her contribution to history, not only by teaching about her in American History, but by putting her on our currency. She will now be the face of the bill while Jackson’s face will appear on the back.

Harriet Tubman escaped slavery and assisted slaves in the path towards freedom by means of the Underground Railroad. She was a hard-working abolitionist who risked her life by becoming the conductor of the the Underground Railroad.

Some say that the change is a sort of insult to the contributions Jackson made as a president and that feeling is all the more strong in his home state of Tennessee. Jackson was responsible for helping the “common man” vote back in his term and successfully gave men who owned no properties the right to have their voice heard. That was a nice push in democracy during his days, yet his presidency was mostly clouded by his infamous Indian Removal Act which lead to the Trail of Tears. Along with other controversies in his time, “Old Hickory” does not have a clean reputation in history.

The news was big when it was first announced, though some admittedly didn’t know anything about it. After being briefed on the topic, Mrs. Naber said she thought “African Americans deserve equal representation in our currency.”

Coach Holmes, who teaches American history says he finds it quite funny how Jackson is on the twenty dollar bill in the first place, since he hated the big banks because he thought they mostly benefited the elite. “Jackson was an important political figure; maybe not the best person or president that should be on our currency. An outstanding character like Harriet Tubman is a positive role model and representative for our country.” 

“I think it’s an appropriate change. History hasn’t done enough to recognize women and minorities,” says Civics and Economics teacher Mrs. Watson. “This is step in the right direction.” 


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