Dropping Out?!

School can be hard at times and some kids say that they will drop out or just stop trying as a joke, but some of those students may really be considering it. Believe or not, some kids may actually like school, but don’t want to come due to maybe feeling like they won’t be able to successfully accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

Jomaad Cater (’18) said, “I think they drop out because of stress and losing interest in school and maybe not having enough support at home.” Cater feels the best advice he would give to someone who is thinking about dropping out would be to not do it because it won’t help you in the future, and you won’t have as high of a chance in succeeding in life. Cater also stated that there isn’t anything the school can really do to try and shrink the drop out rates to try and make school more interesting, but feels that it could be hard because some kids don’t want to come to school and learn.

Mitchell Davidson (’19) thinks that maybe kids drop out to go into the military, or due to being bullied or teased, they want to become home schooled. Davidson’s advice would be to talk to a counselor. Davidson also stated “maybe create a group session with the kids who want to drop out and have counselors lead it as a way to shrink the number of dropouts” would be a good idea.

Marionna Luckey (’18) said that her advice would be to not do it because in these times, high school diplomas aren’t valued as much as they used to be, and that you should go to school and get a college degree. Luckey also feels that the reason why some kids drop out is to get a job. Luckey stated “make school more fun and make it a place where teens feel safe and comfortable and a place they want to come to.”

Dropping out isn’t a big issue right now here at East, but it could easily become a problem if kids begin to feel like school isn’t a fun or safe place for them to learn.


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