What Now, Seniors?

The school year is winding down and senioritis is kicking in. Seniors can not wait to walk across that stage and receive their diploma from the hands of Mr. Bass. But what do you do now? Where do you go? What do you do? What will happen in your life over the next couple of years?

Most seniors have made the choice of which college they wish to attend and even what they want to major in, but that’s not everyone’s utopic adult life. Some students choose to enlist in the military, or maybe they even have a job already lined up for them that doesn’t require a secondary education.

Braden Pitts (’16) has been a member of JROTC for his entire high school career. “JROTC has been a great experience for me. I have learned great leadership skills that I will use in the Marine Corps.” There are activities you can do in high school that you can do to help with your future career, known as Career Technical Education courses, or CTE for short.

Senioritis is a well-known sickness that runs rampant, especially on the East Forsyth campus. After third quarter ends , the only time you will see seniors on campus is when they’re signing up for senior assassins or are in the spring musical.

Morgan True (’16) said, “This close to the end, school feels like a waste of time and you just want to move on to college already.” Senioritis has hit True very hard as she is “holding on to the few exemptions she has left.”

Now let us think long term. Are you continuing your education past high school? Are you going straight into a job? You can also travel, work on your personal relationships, or even start a business.

No matter what you do, here’s one thing to remember: never let go of your high school memories. These last four years have been your final years of childhood and “freedom” before the bills and other adult responsibilities hit you like a truck. Enjoy your time before you jump into the rest of your life.

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