The Selection Series Comes To An End

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Kierra Cass recently left readers on an exciting cliffhanger in the book The Heir. Now, fans of The Selection Series will finally see how the intriguing series will end.

Cass’ final book in her popular series is called The Crown. The book was released on May 3rd for all East Forsyth booklovers to enjoy.

Throughout the series, fans of The Selection have watched America and Maxon slowly fall in love. Now, the King and Queen’s eldest child, Princess Eadlyn, must go through the “Selection” to find her prince and future King.

The “Selection” process involves 35 suitors coming to the palace to try to win the hand of Princess Eadlyn. Cass’ previous book ended with Eadlyn making an important decision regarding who she will choose to marry. However, Queen America had just suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital wing. In Cass’ next book, readers are hoping to find out what happened to America, and who Eadlyn will choose to be the future King.

Sydney Moore (‘17) is very excited for the release of the new book. When asked about her opinion of The Heir, Moore said, “I loved it so much. I liked Eadlyn so much more than I liked America. I think the plot in both series are very good and I can’t wait to read The Crown!”

According to, Warner Brothers has recently purchased the film rights to The Selection, the first book in the series, as a result of the large popularity of the book. The book has sold 3.5 million copies worldwide. It is known as “The Hunger Games without the bloodshed.”

Kiera Cass has also just recently released a new book called The Siren. Although this novel takes place in a “non-selection world,” fans are still loving Cass’ creative mind.

The Crown is now in stores!

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