State Elections 2016




Are you tired of all the political hoopla you see on CNN and NBC? Everyone is at this point of the election process. All we hear about anymore is Donald Trump did this, or Hillary Clinton did that. But what people don’t normally see is what is happening right in our own backyards. State elections also play a huge role in the voting booths in November, so who should you vote for? I have had the pleasure to interview political figures in Kernersville, such as Mayor Dawn Morgan, to help you get a better understanding of the political process we don’t hear about as much.

So now you’re wondering, who exactly is running for state political offices? What offices are up for re-election this cycle? There are actually a lot of offices on a state level that are going to be on the ballot in November. According to the NC State Board of Elections website (, the key offices that are up for re-election Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and most District Attorneys. So when you go to the voting booth this November, there’s going to be a lot more than just presidential nominees on that ballot.

North Carolina has been under a lot of ridicule in the past months, passing House Bill 2, which limits or even depletes the protections of the LGBT community. This bill includes businesses being allowed to discriminate against LGBT customers and employees to who can use which bathroom.

Now you’re probably wondering, “why would the state pass such a controversial bill this close to their re-election?” Well, no one really knows. But a lot of factors can affect the election process. “House Bill 2 is an extremely controversial and complicated bill and it can most certainly make or break the upcoming state election,” said Dawn Morgan. “I applied to run for mayor in August of 2001, a month later, the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred, and from my point of view, that truly changed that particular election cycle.”

“Governor McCrory and his supporters have a tendency to secretly create laws out of the public’s eye then immediately backtrack insufficiently in the face of public outcry,” said Drew Lischke (‘16). “This makes him unsure and weak about his decisions, thus also making him unelectable.”

One of the key components of this election cycle is research. Please don’t vote for someone just because your friend supports them or you see the candidate on the news a lot. Dig deep and find out if that candidate has the same beliefs that you do or if that candidate has done something in their past that you do not support. Your vote matters. Do not ever think that your vote does not matter. Get to those voting booths and vote for the candidate who YOU think is the best fit for the job.

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