Returning To The Silver Screen


After everyone falls in love with a movie they want to see it return to the big screen. To see what happens to the characters, to see if the two lovers ended up together, if the hero stays the hero, if the villain stayed dead, or the friends are still friends.

There are three upcoming sequels coming soon to theaters, each being a little different in genre. The first of the movies is Alice Through the Looking Glass.

This movie continues the story of Alice Kingsleigh, a young girl who fell down a hole and into a world called Underland, but she called Wonderland. She met many different types of characters including the Mad Hatter, the Red and White Queens, Cheshire the Cat, the Blue Caterpillar, and a White Rabbit. She had forgotten her trip to Underland as a child, telling herself it was only a dream, but throughout the film she realizes that this world was very much real. At the end of the movie Alice was able to defeat her enemies, including the Red Queen, saving her new found friends. She then returns to her normal life in England.

In the upcoming film, which is released on May 27, Alice must return to Underland and once again save her friends from a new villain, Time.

On June 10th, The Conjuring 2 will hit theaters. The horror movie first came out in 2013 and was a big hit. It followed a couple who investigated hauntings and either solved mysterious occurrences, or rid homes and families of paranormal or demonic presences. They meet a family who has bought a house that was surrounded by death, the most prominent being a witch who hung herself.

In the next film the couple, Lorraine and Ed Warren, must help a family in London rid the paranormal activity which haunts the them.

Another film sequel being released this summer is Independence Day: Resurgence, a sequel that is long time overdue. The first film was released 20 years ago in 1996. The movie followed the country as they defended the planet against an alien attack. And in this upcoming film the aliens return to finish what they started. And again the people of Earth must fight to defend their world.

Many of the original characters will be returning to the film including Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and Vivica A. Fox.

Whether you love fantasy, horror, or sci-fi movies there is something returning to the theaters for you!


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