NBA Playoffs For The Ages

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East Forsyth is buzzing with excitement amidst the most intense NBA playoffs in recent memory.  Will the defending champs follow through with their expectation to repeat, or will the veteran San Antonio Spurs shock the world and find themselves as world champs?

The Golden State Warriors  are the far and away favorites to recapture their glory following arguably the greatest regular season finish of any team in NBA history.  They ended the season with a 73-9 overall record, which surpassed the ‘95-’96 Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls team which finished with a 72-10 record.  If they can keep their players healthy, it will be hard to take them down (

A major reason for the Warriors’ success is their two time defending Most Valuable Player in the NBA, Steph Curry.  Curry managed to better his points per game average this year by nearly seven points, which is essentially unprecedented for a defending MVP.  Curry was also able to break his own single season three point record by an unfathomable 125 three pointers, establishing a record that may not been broken for the rest of our lifetimes.

Even though the Warriors are the frontrunners, the likes of the San Antonio Spurs pose a potential threat to the west coast powerhouse.  They are led by Kawhi Leonard whose efforts are second to only Steph Curry throughout the entire league.  The team is aging and this could be their last legitimate shot for a title run (

There is also a mass amount of excitement about the Charlotte Hornets in the playoffs.  They recently earned their first playoff victory in 14 years, snapping their string of 12 consecutive losses.  They are led by the efforts of Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker.  The Hornets are known for their incredibly deep bench which includes former league star Jeremy Lin, and their prominent rookie, Frank Kaminsky.

Fellow East Forsyth student, Caleb Vaughn (‘17), was asked about his thoughts about this year’s playoffs.  “I’m very eager to see what happens.  I’m glad to see Charlotte doing well after so many failed seasons.  I do believe that if Steph Curry can remain healthy, they will certainly be league champs.”

The competitiveness of the NBA this year has added a new element of excitement to the playoffs, and many students across the campus will continue to follow every storyline until the NBA crowns their 2016 champs.

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