Junior Advice For College

High school is not forever so it’s time for all students to start thinking about their futures, especially Juniors. They are touring colleges, taking college level class, and even taking important tests like the ACT and SAT.

There are about 54 different in state colleges in North Carolina, not including small local community colleges (College Finder). Getting accepted into the college of your dreams means having good grades, high test scores, and always being involved in your schools clubs and service projects.

Visiting colleges is a fantastic way to see where you want to go, it will help you get a feel of the place. You need to be comfortable with the college before you try to get the acceptance letter! Becca Ladd (’17) stated “I’m going on a couple of college tours to see which ones best fit me, and I’m looking at what career studies they have to that goes with the career I want to pursue,” knowing what you want to do as a career is a hard decision, and it’s okay to not know yet.

Every Junior at East Forsyth High school has taken the ACT. Weather or not you did bad or good, you still have chances to take it again. Another test needed for college applications is the SAT. Not all colleges require both, but it is best to take both and send in the higher scores. Colleges will look at these scores for scholarship and acceptance opportunities.

East offers many Advanced Placement classes plus an ACT prep class. Taking these classes will help any student prepare for college.”I have been joining classes that will prep me for my college career path while looking into colleges that fit the description of course I plan on taking,” stated Mattie Lakey (’17).

Applying for scholarships is important for all who need financial help. There are many scholarship opportunities out there. You can talk your guidance councilor if you have any questions or need any professional help.

There is a free test called the Asvab, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, that is offered for anyone who needs help in knowing what they want to be.

College is an important key in anybody’s life. It will help you achieve all that you want, and help you get the job that you desire. College can be for everybody and financial aid is available for all who fit the criteria.

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