Josh Norman: Gone Forever


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For Panther’s fans, losing all-star cornerback Josh Norman is a huge deal.  On Wednesday, April 20th, Carolina removed their franchise tag from the player because he was requesting too much money for his upcoming contract.  Just two days later, Norman signed a monster deal with the Washington Redskins worth 75 million dollars over the next five years.

This huge deal makes Norman the highest paid player for his position in the entire National Football League.  The large contract did not come as a surprise though; Norman was arguably the best cornerback in the league last year.  The only downside to the former Panther was the scheme or defense he played while employed with Carolina.  The Panther’s defense mainly relied on a zone so Norman hasn’t quite proven if he’s a man to man lock down corner.

However, the loss of the pro-bowler has many Carolina fans upset and worried for next season.  Norman played a key role in the Panther’s run to the Superbowl last season and replacing him will be a challenge.  Die-hard Panther’s fan Eli Jones (’18) said, “It is very depressing to see him leave.  Norman was one of those players that you love to watch play football.  He plays with a certain intensity and swagger that motivates the rest of the team”.

Another very serious Carolina fan Matthew Finnegan (’17) had somewhat of a dissenting opinion.  “Yeah, Norman was a great player but he had some major downsides.  He was too much of a hot head which resulted in lots of dumb penalties that hurt the team. Sure we are going to miss him, but he is not irreplaceable.”

One thing is for sure, the moment Norman steps on the field for the Washington Redskins he better be ready to defend his contract.  In just his first three games in his new colors he will be facing some of the best wide-receivers in the game such as Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant, and arch rival Odell Beckham Jr.  For Carolina fans we will get to see the former Panther in week 15.


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