Humans Of East Forsyth: Volume 2

Who is Your Favorite Teacher and Why?

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Hayes because she is so much fun and knows how much work we have to do and doesn’t overwhelm us with work us with work and helps you with their class work.  She gives you advice based on being a teacher and a mother. She understands her students more than most teachers.  She tells hilarious stories from her life to relate to the class material.  She is awesome!”


“My favorite teacher would have to either be Ms. Wiles or Ms. Gregory. They have been able to help me with my grades and fix them. While also having an open ear to listen if I’m having a bad day. They know when I’m having a bad day by my “mood” and know that I don’t mean anything bad because if I say something “bad” I will most likely apologize because it was wrong. But they have both always been there to help me and I thank them for that all of the time.”


“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Hayes, the technology teacher, because she teaches very well and I can ask her any question and get a good answer. People have told me that I need to have one teacher or adult at school that I can talk to or go to if I’m needing something, and Mrs. Hayes is that person. I can trust her with anything I tell her.”

“Mrs. Agee is my favorite teacher because she is very willing to help people and answer any questions you have. She is very cool and funny but also strict enough to make you do your work. I usually dread going to English everyday but she makes the class less dreadful.”



What Is Something You Want People At East Forsyth To Know About You?

“I really enjoy the drums and my passion for drums actually began back in my basement with my brother’s rock band.”


“I want everyone to know that God is a wonderful worker in lives, because he has helped me get through many struggles with school, friends, and day to day life.”


“I like to joke a lot because it makes me really happy and it brings me joy when I see people laugh at my jokes.”



“I’m very shy when you meet me but if you get to know me I’m awkwardly hilarious and a fun and kinda quirky. I love music and being a hermit on the weekends.”


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