Fresh MLB Season Underway

It is that time of year again! The new Major League Baseball season has started is well underway. All of the hard work and dedication that the players had put forth during the off-season is now very transparent. The teams get a fresh start, and set new expectations from the previous season. The real goal of all the teams is to be successful enough to make it to the postseason and build on their accomplishments from the previous season.

A prime example of a new outlook for the 2016 season is Bryce Harper. He is a young player with record breaking talent. “I think last year just definitely was disappointing for us,” Harper acknowledged, “but it’s something that happens. It’s the way that baseball works. But sometimes you’ve just got to tip your cap to the other teams that were playing well and hopefully that next year you can come back and play the game hard and play it well and that’s what we’re going to try to do this year.”

This is a pretty positive point that Harper wants to build on in Washington, not only making it to the postseason, but making a run for the whole thing. It isn’t about changing things for Harper, but more of just getting back in the daily routine and back in top shape. “Exact same thing I did last year I did this year,” Harper explained. “Stuck with the same routine, stuck with everything I could to just feel good. Feel great coming into Spring. Swing feels awesome. Made no changes with that. Program, routine, everything like that, the same every single day. Took my month off and got right back into it with everything” (SB Nation).

Avid baseball lover TJ Corlett (’19) had this to say about the new season: “My favorite team is the Oakland A’s, I believe the Chicago Cubs and the Kansas City Royals will go to the world series, Cubs winning it all. There are a lot of really good young layers including Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Trevor Story. I enjoy MLB very much, and last year I got to go to a spring training game, and it was a great experience. There has been a good amount of exciting stuff already this season including a no-hitter, and the A’s are going well.”

Exciting things are in the making for the new season. Players are seeking to do bigger and better things and win games while having fun.

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