Club Spotlight: Harvest For Hunger

Hunger drives many of us not only to survive, but to help. Harvest for Hunger here at East Forsyth is a new club in which produce is grown in the school’s garden and then donated, all started by Tye Wittmann (‘17). Wittmann said, “I have always thought that hunger is an issue throughout the world and that we have no excuse to allow it to continue to be an issue. I have always had an interest in botany and agriculture and I decided that I can help people by doing what I love.”

Courtesy of Harvest for Hunger

Courtesy of Harvest for Hunger

The club plants and tends to the plant beds, making sure they’re watered and all around cleaned up, about three times a week. Teresa Gonzalez (‘17) said, “My favorite part is getting to go out and work with my hands when it comes to fixing up the garden and taking care of the plants.” The club offers a fun way to get involved in the community, and if you’re looking for something hands on this is one to check out.

The club donates the food to local food shelters, according to Danny Coburn (‘17), such as carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other delicious produce. They’re currently figuring out a plan on how to organically keep away any pests from the garden. Wittmann commented, “[The best part about starting the club is] seeing people who usually wouldn’t associate with each other, or work together, come together for a good cause. There’s a great satisfaction in knowing you are helping make someone’s life better.” Wittmann holds a lot of passion for the Gardening Club, expressing how there has been much stress that came with it, but that it is worth it in the end.

Courtesy of Harvest for Hunger

Courtesy of Harvest for Hunger

The Gardening Club is open to anyone that wants to be involved in the community and help make it grow for the better. The club is full of passionate people, who enjoy the aspects of not only helping lives, but having fun by getting to know one another better as well as getting hands on in taking care of plants, so if you’re looking for something hands and involved like this club is check it out!

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