AOM: Dylan Rasmussen

The theoretical brick wall on the East Forsyth Men’s Lacrosse team is none other than Dylan Rasmussen.  His incredible efforts on and off the field have aided the success of the lacrosse team and the success of Rasmussen’s individual life, which is why he is your East Forsyth Athlete of the Month.  

Rasmussen plays defense and is largely responsible for East Forsyth constantly holding their opposition to extremely low scoring outings. He takes defending his goalkeeper with great pride and has East on track for a high finish within the conference and a potential deep playoff run (

The leadership that Rasmussen provides for the team has a strong effect on his fellow teammates.  Another potent player and well-known companion of Rasmussen, Tim Fiore (‘16), commented on his impact for the team.  “He is a great leader for our backline.  He keeps everyone in order and is quick to discipline anyone who steps out of line.  This is why he is such a key component of the team.”

Rasmussen has also influenced the younger players on the team who seek Rasmussen’s seasoned experience within the sport. Matthew Finnegan (‘17) characterized his teammate as a “very valuable asset to the squad.  It will be a very difficult task to replace him and he has influenced me to better my game individually.”

His career as an Eagle may be nearing its end, but Rasmussen is nowhere hanging up his stick for good.  He recently committed and Catawba University with the desire to take his talents to the collegiate level.  This stems primarily from his passion for the game itself and desire to further his education.

His favorite moment playing on the East Forsyth lacrosse team came this year in an intense match-up against Southwest Guilford.  This ended up being an overtime victory that was aided heavily by Rasmussen’s late game assist to Tim Fiore.  Southwest Guilford had always been competitive against East Forsyth, making the victory that much sweeter.

The thing Rasmussen is going to miss most about playing on the lacrosse team is getting to boss around the underclassmen.  It is an experience all players are forced to go through but it is so much better when you are on the other side of it.

We wish Rasmussen as well as the lacrosse team the best of luck in their future endeavors, even beyond high school and college.

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