Track Is Back


Moving on to a bigger oval with bigger goals, we can finally start heading towards warmer weather and runners can begin running outside without freezing to death. After indoor track, the Eagles are still hungry for a conference championship. The Eagles have a lot of conditioning under their belt and are ready to shed their times.

Outdoor track is scored exactly the same as indoor track. The team is divided into boys and girls and each individual competes in their event in hopes to earn points for their team. At the end of all of the events, the points are added up to see which team has the most and obviously, the team with the most points, wins.

Even though it is scored the same as indoor track, the conditions of outdoor track are very different. Instead of a 200 meter track, you know have a 400 meter track so instead of finishing your mile in eight laps, you now finish in four laps. Coach Ross, one of the coaches of the East Forsyth track program said, “Racing indoor, you don’t have to deal with the elements of the weather, such as rain, heat and wind, less curves on a track, the training we already have from winter track, and the more variety of events.” Micha Lunt (’18) also commented, “It’s a lot more fun with a bunch of people here.”

A lot of preparation from outdoor track comes from the winter season of indoor track but it also comes from the huge gap starting from the end of February to the start of April, the track team keeps working hard towards their successes. Zach Rickard (’19) replied, “Working on endurance helps a lot for bringing down my times in the mile.”

Goals for this season, as I said, in the beginning, have gotten bigger, people’s expectations have picked up after indoor track and if these goals are met, it seems that the Eagles are going to look like a strong conference championship contender. Lunt remarked, “I want to get to the regional championship in the discus. I will achieve that by continuing to work as hard as I can at practice.”

We hope the Eagles of the track team can meet and exceed their goals to winning a conference championship.

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