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Spring time is the perfect season to watch and enjoy new shows and movies on Netflix.

During the month of March, viewers saw some of their favorite TV shows return to Netflix for another season, as well as shows never seen before.

One of the most popular releases on Netflix was the premiere of Fuller House on February 26th. The first season has 13 fun-filled episodes, starring some pf the returning characters from Full House. With the release of the show, people have been discussing controversial changes that occurred regarding “gender swapping.” Full House was based on three bachelors raising their little girls, and now Fuller House is about three single moms raising their boys.

Some movies that aired through March include: Groundhog Day, Star Trek, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, and Charlie St. Cloud (

Although Netflix is mainly popular because of its variety of movies and shows to watch, it is also known for its unique feature of having original TV shows. Shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Daredevil expand the number of Netflix viewers.

House of Cards returned for its fourth season on March 4th. According to, “The show is by far one of the best produced series of all time and really is the stand-out leader among the Netflix Originals.”

A new show that is not yet widely known is The Characters, which premiered along with another comedy show, Flaked, on March 11th.

Addie Watson (’17) said, “I haven’t watched the original shows. I usually binge watch House and on occasion watch Top Gun because it’s one of my favorite movies.” Watson also stated, “I wish Castle was on Netflix, and all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.”

Even if you are not a fan of the new original series, Netflix has a variety of other shows and movies that will be entertaining and enjoyable.

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