Meet The Editor

“The leadership role makes me feel more involved with my peers,” stated sports co-editor, Blake McCann (’17). Being an editor brings upon, “a lot of responsibility, people are always counting on you”.

McCann, is a part of the soccer team, which he enjoys because his team members are not only team mates, but his best friends.  McCann just appreciates the success he has had in his years playing soccer, but as of now he doesn’t intend to further his soccer career. He is also a part of the mock trial team because he intends to pursue a career in law. “We get a case and learn how to argue both sides of it. We also compete against other teams,” McCann said. On top of everything, McCann is also a member of the academic team.

Being an editor of newspaper helps him in all he does by making him “become a better writer and leader.” To other sports staff reporters he is a role model and someone they can come to with advice. McCann has stepped up to the plate and helped take the sports section of the talon to the next level, he certainly has an eye for formatting.

Kyleigh Case (’17), is co-editor for the sports section as well. She helps McCann put together the paper and keeps things on track. Her and McCann split work by separating the “paper-editing with grammar, and [McCann] does the computer designing part.” Case will also help in InDesign by giving McCann a different perspective and they critique each other’s work and ideas. They work together well.

Brad Nunn (’16), is a reporter for the sports section. He says, “Blake is really organized and makes sure we have all our stories in order. We communicate very well, and are almost always on the same page.” Nunn also stated, “I consider myself as a leader, since I am a senior. I make suggestions on other reporters’ articles and do anything to help.” Sounds like a team effort to me, which would make sense in the sports section!


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