Google vs. Apple

This is quite likely the argument of the century, next to Playstation vs XBOX, of course. But recently, Google surpassed Apple on the golden stage, the stock market. Google’s stock price raising significantly to $750.57 per share after their merger with parent company Alphabet Inc., while Apple is currently in trouble with the FBI for not cooperating with unlocking the iPhone of  Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the San Bernandino shooters. That incident is causing Apple’s stock price to fluctuate between $100 and $110 per share.

But the consumers of these products don’t really care about the stock prices rather than the phone price. Apple is famous for their screen sizes and that they’re easy to use. Google, otherwise known as Android, is famous for its customization benefits, making things easier for users of all ages, and also the apps are cheaper on the Play Store than iOS.

Drew Lischke (’16), who recently became an iPhone user, said “Ultimately, I enjoy Apple products over Android basically because of the hardware that they is implemented into the phone. All around, I would still choose iPhone.” Though he likes the iPhone, if he was an investor, he would invest in Google because “they have a lot of products when Apple only really has phones and computers.”

Erik Mancari (’17), a long time user of Android and other Google products, was not surprised that Google is ahead of Apple in the stock market. “Androids are way more durable than iOS products and the battery. Some Androids even have a better camera than an iPhone,” he said.

Harrison Parker (’17), who used to own an Android product and now owns an iPhone, said “I changed because I felt like Apple offered more for the price I was paying.” Also a member of the finance academy, he had this to say about investments: “I would personally invest in Google becuase they have a lot more products to offer than Apple. Also because their stock price has exploded in the past months.”

As this debate continues to thrive in the technology world, Microsoft is also coming out into the public eye with appearances of their holographic computer and new Nokia phones. Maybe soon, we will hear a lot more out of these products and see what they come out with in the coming years.


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