Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? Disney World or California? Spring Break is only days away, and everyone has their plans set into stone! It doesn’t matter if you are going out of town or straight to bed, school’s out and everyone’s excited about that.

Not only are seniors getting ready for college, so are juniors. Sarah Snider (’17) said, “For spring break I’m heading down to Wilmington and touring UNC Wilmington. I’m also hanging out at the beach while I’m at it.” College tours are happening all throughout spring break, and it’s pretty simple to sign up to join one. Just go to the college page and find tours then search for an open, available spot!

Spring break is also a good time to travel and see family! Cynthia Flores (’18) is heading up to Appalachian State University to see her brother for two days. Spring break lets younger siblings and families go visit other loved ones, whether they’re in college like Cynthia’s brother, in another state, or even down the street!

This break from school also allows some kids at East to get a few extra hours of work in! Nolan Uzenski (’17) said, “All I’m going to be doing is working and working out.” Being able to have some more time at work allows kids to earn some more money than compared to when school is in. Whether they decide to save up or spend it all is up to them!

Spring break can be full of fun activities, depending on what you like. Uzenski said, “I’m training for a spartan spirit; it’s a six mile obstacle course.” It’s a good time this year to enjoy your hobbies, and finally get away from the school work and enjoy your time to relax! It can be at the beach, working out, training for sports, or even sleeping most of spring break.

So, during this year’s spring break is a good time to indulge in some favorite hobbies, earn a little extra money working, or if you don’t have a job finding one is another thing that you can do! Enjoy this year’s week long break from school!

Courtesy of Sydney Buro

Courtesy of Sydney Buro


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