Follow The Yellow Brick Road To EFHS

FullSizeRender (1)Lions, tigers, bears, and eagles oh my! The Wizard of Oz musical is back in action and filled with talent. Expect a beloved and timeless musical featuring our most favorite characters like Glinda, Dorothy, and even the munchkins played by the children from local elementary!

Madison Lancaster (’16) had been a munchkin in this play 10 years ago and today she’s the stage manager. “I feel like it’s cool to come back and see the show evolve and how it’s grown since the last 10 years and how Burgess is still directing it. I enjoy being the stage manager because it’s fun to run around on stage to change the scenes.”

Shayne Maggard (’18) plays the beloved Dorothy and she talked with us about her experience in the musical. “I love being up on stage; it’s like it transports you into the story itself. You can’t see anybody, you just see the light. It’s like you’re away from real life. I love doing things like this, in fact I plan on being on Broadway.”

We can’t forget the director herself, Mrs. Burgess! She shared a little insight on the current musical. “I enjoy doing the musical, but it is a lot of work. We’ve got to add special effects, music, and incorporate little kids. I’ve always loved the Wizard of Oz even when I was a little kid and what’s so great about this year is the particular version of the musical is just like the movie. I’ve definitely approached this musical much differently than the last time I did the show 10 years ago, and if I came back another 10 years from now, I would probably still make changes.”

The Wizard of Oz musical is currently rehearsing and the show will begin April 20th. Tickets will be $6, so come and support our musically inclined Eagles by watching them sing and dance their hearts out as they transport us to Oz.

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