AOTM: Landon Mitchell

Courtesy of Blake McCann

Courtesy of Blake McCann

“Three up. Three down!” This is a phrase you will be hearing a lot this year with the fire-breathing dragon known as Landon Mitchell on the mound for East Forsyth’s baseball team. This senior’s previous efforts on and off the field are why he is your East Forsyth Athlete of the Month.

Mitchell had an incredible junior year campaign and expects to simply progress with his final taste of high school baseball. Last year, Mitchell closed out the season with an incredibly stout .378 batting average. This solidified him as one of the most potent batters not only in the conference, but also in the region (

When asked about his expectations for the season, Mitchell replied, “We can win it all. I have a lot of confidence in my teammates and believe we have grinded hard during the off-season. We just need to be consistent in our preparations for each opponent and always be prepared to go to war.” After an exceptional 2015 season, the East Forsyth baseball team looks to achieve the ultimate goal of a state title.

Mitchell’s teammates have also appreciated his efforts and leadership during his high school years. One player in particular, Jacob Bunting (’16), reflected on Mitchell as a teammate. “There was Babe Ruth, then Derek Jeter, and now Landon Mitchell. I expect him to be wearing the pinstripes very soon. Don’t be surprised if the kid we once considered to be the best in Kernersville turns out to be considered the best the world has ever known. It has been a true honor to be not only his teammate, but his friend as well.”

We are eager to see what Mitchell can bring to the table for East Forsyth this year, but this certainly isn’t his last time playing America’s pastime at the competitive level. He recently committed and signed to the University of Gardner-Webb. He will more than likely be a top pick in the MLB draft after a couple of years playing at the collegiate level.

The baseball team has high expectations this year, and we wish both them and Landon Mitchell the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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