The Walking Dead Comes Back To Bite!


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The Walking Dead is back and is ready to blow people’s mind with the continuation of Season 6. In September, we were left with Rick and the gang walking through a horde of walkers with just a small layer of camouflage leaving us anticipating what is to come. In February, they came back with a very intense episode that had all its viewers feeling exhausted by the end.

Fans can only speculate on what will happen this season. Reese Barker (’17) said, “I hope to expect something we’ve never seen before. They always seem to add a second threat throughout the season. I sort of expect an action packed season that will have a lot of crazy confrontations.  Nicole Wade (’17) said, “I expect that they’ll realize they need to come together and stop arguing because it’s getting them nowhere, and they need to make a new plan for what to do in the future and set new rules.”

Lots of people will also have speculations about who will be next to die. Barker said, “I really don’t want to say it, but Glenn has been having a bad run with death right now.” In truth Glenn has been having a rough time and even in the comic books he gets brutally murdered. So Glenn may be reaching the end of the line especially since The Walking Dead  has a history of killing characters when they acquired hope. Also Luke Harbour (’16) also said that “Glenn would probably die next.”

During this season many viewers will ask questions like “Who is Negan?” and also debate about whether Alexandria will stay as the groups strong hold. There are also questions about how much longer the show will air, due to the inevitable fate of it ending.

Harbour said, “There is probably three or four seasons left” of the show. While there is a big possibility of more seasons, most people could say that the show will truly be over when all of the characters from season 1 die. Many are expecting to see another later season of The Walking Dead, and hopefully won’t end for another two or three years.

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