Pranks Of East Forsyth: Mrs. Ellis

IMG_0878East Forsyth High School was built in 1962 and was made for a small portion of students, 200 at the max. Yet today, there’s almost 2,000 students attending this school. Obviously, there have be some crazy events that have gone down on campus right? Oh yeah, definitely. Here’s some stories I’ve gotten from several people from East.

Cynthia Ellis, a current art teacher at East Forsyth High School who’s taught here for 10 consecutive years, retells the most bizarre experience she’s had at East High.

“It was my first year here at East, and before I had taught at a middle school. So these students wanted to introduce me to high school. So, these wonderful seniors in my advanced class decided to pull a little prank on me,” she said. “One of them commenced to stand behind my desk and begin to talk to me about some things such as my interests and so forth. I thought he truly was interested in what I had to say, but in the mean time, while he distracted and blocked my view, some other wonderful seniors had moved all of the furniture from my room and out into the hallway.”

“Then the bell rang and these seniors said, ‘Bye Mrs. Ellis’ and then left and that’s when I saw that none of my desks were in the room anymore. So, I got up from my desk and the Latin teacher there at the time asked me if there was a reason why all my desks were out in the hallway. I’m talking my desks, chairs, they even brought my podium out there. I mean my furniture was blocking the way for these kids to get to their classes!”

“It just so happened that I had a planning period just then and had to bring in all of these things back into my room on my own. I never caught all the people that were involved in it either, all I knew was the kid who entertained me while it was being done. I didn’t even confess to the office that it happened because I was going to look pretty stupid no matter what I did.”

Are you a teacher who recalls a great prank or hilarious moment in your classroom that you would like to share with The Talon? Let us know!


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