More Super Bowls In The Panthers’ Future

Courtesy of the Charlotte Observer

Courtesy of the Charlotte Observer

The Carolina Panthers shocked everyone with their campaign to the Super Bowl. They proved their critics wrong, and nearly pulled out a perfect season. Although they ultimately lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, they had nothing to be ashamed of, and only have a positive outlook for the 2016 season.

Even though the team is still very young, they now have Super Bowl experience under their belts. They have a lot of positives to look forward to for next season, and hope to duplicate the success they had in the recent season.

Eli Jones (’18) had the amazing opportunity to attend the recent milestone Super Bowl 50 and had this to say about his experience, “The experience was amazing. Everyone in the city was hyped up for the game and there were fans everywhere. Leading up to the big game there were broadcasters out talking about the upcoming game, and tons of fans crowded around and watched. All the festivities before the game were awesome, and there were no worries about the game at that point.”

Jones also commented, “I believed the Panthers would win Super Bowl 50. I thought there was no way we could lost to an old Peyton Manning, and I didn’t realize how good Denver’s defense was. I was completely shocked that the game turned out the way it did.”

He had some positive words for the future of the Panthers. “I believe that the Panthers can repeat their success next season. Some keys for the Panthers next season is the return of Wide Receiver Kelvin Benjamin, finishing out games, and play hard a full season. A highlight will also be the draft coming up, adding more talent to the already stud filled team. The Panthers fan base will also get even bigger than it became last year. Hopefully not just because of bandwagon fans, but more true fans. We’ll be back next year. Keep Pounding.”

Other Panther’s fans would sure agree with those statements. The Panthers young core group of stars aren’t going anywhere else soon, so that leaves a lot of hope for many more successful seasons to come.

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