Interstate 74-Beltway Hopes To Ease Road Congestion


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The North Carolina Department of Transportation is building a multi-lane freeway that loops around the northern part of Winston-Salem. It has taken twenty-seven years to begin and North Carolina received a 1.4 billion dollar bond from the department transportation to complete it. The project begins at U.S. 158 southwest of Winston-Salem and ends at I-74/U.S. 311 southeast of the city. According to the NC Department Of Transportation, about 100,000 vehicles and trucks travel through the area every day, which is more traffic than the roadways in the area are designed to handle.

The purpose of the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway project is to help alleviate congestion and enhance safety along heavily traveled routes such as U.S. 421/Business 40 and U.S. 52 in Forsyth County. The Winston-Salem Northern Beltway consists of two sections, Eastern Section (U-2579, U-2579A) Location U.S. 52 to I-74/U.S. 3. When finished, the total length of the project will be 34.2 miles.

The inspiration for the highway is from the Atlanta, Georgia highway system. Similar projects will be are likely to be started in Guilford County and Raleigh.

The goals of the of creating the highway are to increase mobility in and outside the state and reduce traffic congestion. The most important thing is that reducing traffic will increase safety. Jade Davis (’16) said ” I think it will be a good thing!”. Davis also mentioned that even though the project won’t be done for a long time, it will be good for the county.

Governor McCrory hopes that it will increase tourism in North Carolina. It will add about 33,800 jobs and $2 billion to the economy according to The completion date is not clear, but possibly by 2025. Is this something you would like to see in the area? Or is it too much of a hassle? 


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