Club Spotlight: Junior Deans

Prom, community service, and leadership roles are all a part of Junior Deans here at East. Junior Deans is a club, one of the many extracurricular activities offered here at East, that’s composed of a diverse group of juniors who seek out taking on the role of a leader within their grade level. Junior Deans meets every other Thursday.

“So far we’ve worked on community service projects and planned prom. We’re currently organizing our team to participate in the relay for life program,” said Amira Watson (’17). Junior Deans are in charge of planning prom, which is being held on May 14th with a Parisian Gardens theme.

Not only is planning involved when it comes to being a part of this school program, but so are friends. “I think a huge pro of Juniors Deans is getting together with friends. Oh, and getting to wear the sweatshirt, it’s pretty cool,” said Chase Rivers (’17). Junior Deans is all about getting involved with one another and helping each other out.

Evy Mosquedo-Garcia (’17) said, “To join Junior Deans I had to fill out an application and then get voted in by our junior class, and I guess I had a sufficient amount of votes to get in.” Like every other grade level Dean Council, to join you have to be voted in by your class. Even if you don’t get in, there’s always next year to try to get into that grade level’s Dean Council. It helps to talk to some friends when it comes to getting votes.

So if you’re a rising junior and want to participate in a fun group that’s involved with major events going on at school, Junior Deans is probably the route to go. They offer many different chances to hang out with friends, while being able to participate in different leadership roles throughout the school and community!

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