Art Class Mayhem Welcomes New Teacher To East

There are many electives to choose from here at East Forsyth High School, one of the main electives that is being going through its hardships is the art program. They have lost one teacher, but gained a new faculty member, Skylar McGhee!

East Forsyth already has three art teachers including Mrs. Heaster, Mrs. Ellis, and now Ms. McGhee, who is taking over Ms. Richardson’s old classroom. East faculty and staff is here to welcome Ms. McGhee with open arms!

Ms. Richardson left to teach at Wallburg Elementary, along with two other elementary schools. Her advice for McGhee was to “understand and embrace that you’ll be teaching a lot more than the subject listed on your degree,” which should speak out to all teachers. Ms. Richardson stated that she is adjusting well, and is taking it one day at a time at her new schools. She commented that she “misses the relationships [she] built with both colleagues and students and the conversations and surprisingly fun moments [they’d] have.”

McGhee has only been teaching for about one year and also taught at Lexington Senior High School. Her favorite part about teaching is “giving students a chance to express themselves and learning the tools to do so,” which is a great motivator. McGhee relocated to East from Lexington because it is closer to her home.

Being an art teacher has its challenges, like not having the right supplies, not enough time, and even ungrateful students. Art teachers have to overcome these obstacles and do their best to get through to students.  Students who take the class for an easy A will be surprised to learn just how much work they will need to put into the class. You don’t have to have the skills to take art like you would if you signed up for soccer or basketball, but you should have the eagerness to learn and try new things.

All the art teachers are talented and ready for this year’s work from students. Taking art is not an easy A, rather it’s a class full of techniques to master new art forms learned, and even some history is involved. If you enjoy drawing and painting, art is the class for you!

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