The Race For The Republican Nomination

The Republican race is heating up as the presidential election approaches. Many are looking forward to the announcement of the Republican presidential candidate and are wondering who it could be.

The primaries and caucuses started in early February and will continue until the beginning of June, unless some of the nominees drop out. This would allow a candidate to win more delegates and, eventually, the nomination.

Primaries and caucuses have been used for a while now in the Republican Party as a means for choosing a candidate. Each state can choose which system to use. In a primary, each citizen will vote for the candidate they support. In a caucus, citizens of each district meet to decide on which candidate they want to represent them. Delegates from each region will then meet to cast their vote, which will decide who wins.

Donald Trump, a businessman worth billions, has led the polls with a drastic margin between him and his competitors. Trump has many supporters in the south and has won in many states. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio trail behind Trump and are neck-and-neck with each other. Also notable are John Kasich and Ben Carson, who made it to the final five.

John Bennett (’18) said that he hopes Ted Cruz will win the nomination. “[He is] trustworthy, has a good record, and supports the Constitution,” he said. Like most Republicans, he hopes that whoever wins the nomination will also win the presidential election. When talking about Hillary Clinton, he said, “I don’t want her to win at all!”

Many of the nominees have dropped out over the last few months due to a lack of support. Those include Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, and many more. However, Trump has become the American favorite for some by expressing his opinions loudly and without care.

Ms. Taylor, a student teacher for Civics and Economics, said, “This race has been an interesting one, with a lot of personalities that have come out. I think that Donald Trump has ran a very great campaign and I wouldn’t be surprised if he won the nomination.”

The Republican presidential candidate will be announced on July 18 at a convention in Cleveland. Good luck to all of the nominees!

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