Spring Break Memories And Traditions Among Eagles

*Bell rings at 3:40, kids running and yelling towards their cars and buses*

Yep, it’s that time of the year again y’all, Spring Break! It’s that time where we celebrate a short and sweet vacation from school’s torture. It’s the bittersweet glimpse of summer, with cheers to friends, family, and some great memories. But, most importantly, Spring Break is about creating memories and exploring new things. Here are what a few of our eagles had to share about past Spring Break experiences.

Cuba native, Gaby Vasconcelos (’17), visits her home country every summer and Spring Break. It’s “really hot, the ocean is right next door; at night the lights are lit, painting the whole city skyline and if you sit out on the town, you feel a beautiful breeze. The ocean looks calm and the city looks alive.” What a feeling! Anyone want to travel to Cuba now? Yeah, me too. Vasconcelos also likes to “go clubbing and hang out with friends and party it up.” Clubbing in Cuba is like endless, outdoor concerts, and she believes there is no age limit to clubbing. Now that’s my kind of country.

Or if you’re more of a homebody (or just can’t spare the time and money to travel), Spring Break can be just as “lit” at home. Alexis Waynick (’17) said, “Normally, during Spring Break, I just chill at home and hang out with friends, but this year I’m going to New Jersey to visit my family. Up there, I like to go to the mall and shop with my sisters and play with my niece and nephews. We go to Six Flags and other amusement parks too. I would like to go somewhere like Florida or the Bahamas one day though.”

Even the countryside might be your kind of vacation. Sydney Buro (’17) said, “Well, Illinois is cool. I get to see my five cousins that I rarely see, the oldest is the closest to my age, so that’s interesting. They live on a farm so there’s lots of land for us to ride on and there’s a creek that we go swimming in.” Sounds pretty relaxing and like a down-home type place to enjoy a Spring Break, but who can stay away from the beach…? “We went camping on Ocracoke Island, it gets pretty hot there and a bag of ice costs $15…and literally hundreds of crabs. I woke up one morning and this crab walks up, having stolen a piece of pop tart and was holding with it’s claw, while using the other to take bites and eat it,” Buro stated. Well, that’s a funny and different side of the usual beach trip story… but that’s what Spring Break’s about: making memories and traveling new places.

Get out there this spring break and create amazing memories to remember and share!

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