Teacher Of The Year: Congratulations Mrs. Weavil!

Congratulations to Allison Weavil, a biology teacher here at East Forsyth High School, who has been named the Teacher Of The Year!

Weavil attended the Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree. She then earned a Masters of Education in curriculum and instruction with a science concentration from UNCG.

Weavil started teaching at West Forsyth High School in 1999. She taught there for fourteen years and then transferred to East and has been there for the past three years.  She has been teaching for seventeen years overall.

When asking Wevil about the honor of the award she stated, “I didn’t at all expect it, I am humbled and surprised.”

Teaching a student to succeed can be challenging, but Weavil said that she “encourages them to know their learning style. I try to use a variety of teaching methods to reach those learning styles. I give my best everyday to them and demand the same from them.”

Weavil’s mother was a teacher and an administrator, which helped inspire her to be a teacher. “I had great teachers in high school and college. That helped me realize that teaching is what I should do for a living.” Teaching is a powerful life-changing career that not just anyone can take on.

When asked her about how she helps a student with their problems she said, “I think it’s important to listen first, to try and understand what the problem is. I do my best to help them solve the problem or get them the resources needed.”

Advice like that can help students in their friendships or even other teachers. According to a former student of Weavil, Cameron Jackson (’17), she was “very supportive and helpful.”

Outside the classroom, she has a family of three, including a daughter who is 11, and also has two pet beagles. She enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with family. She also loves to travel, and her favorite place that she’s traveled to is St. Thomas.

Weavil is not just a biology teacher, she is an inspiration to us all. Always appreciate your teachers and everything that they do for you!


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