Meet The Editor: Kenna Osenga


Kenna Osenga (’17) is one of the editors for the entertainment section of The Talon.

“Being an editor for The Talon is an eye-opening experience of leadership,” Osenga says.

Osenga constantly keeps busy outside of newspaper juggling school and extracurricular activities, including soccer, swim, and track.

“I plan on going to Appalachian and getting my degree in teaching, and going to go teach language arts at a middle school for two years,” Osenga said. “Then I plan on traveling to a third world country as a missions teacher.”

Despite everything she’s got on her plate, she still makes time for her favorite things such as reading and watching Netflix.

“I like to read a lot, which is why I’m in entertainment because I like television shows and things like that,” Osenga said. “I’m completely addicted to Netflix.”

Kenna Osenga is a girl with a plan and everything going for her; she’s determined and motivated enough to make her plans come true, but she still keeps in some time for her friends, family, and Netflix of course.

Categories: FEATURES, School News

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