Lunch Study Hall



Have you ever forgotten to finish your homework, or need a quiet space to finish it? East now has a lunch study hall for students who need to complete work or even finish tests or quizzes! There will be a teacher in the room that will assist you if you need extra help. The following is how the study hall works:

  1. Each teacher is listed on a chart with his/her primary subject, but students may bring work for other classes and the teachers will assist to the best of their abilities.
  2. Students may not come to just “hang out”- there must be work to be completed.
  3. If students have a quiz/ test to complete, they need to coordinate with the primary teacher to get that material to the study hall teacher of their choice.
  4. Students may bring their lunches.
  5. If the study hall teacher is called to another class, absent, et cetera, he/she will leave a note on the door to let students know to go to a different study hall.

The chart with teacher’s names and lunches is posted outside or any participating teacher’s door. Thomas Moriarty (’18) said “I don’t plan on going to the study hall, but it seems like a great opportunity to get work done if you ever need to.”

Heather Lineberry (’18) said “It seems like a great opportunity, I might consider going if I ever need to.” The study hall is open to anyone and you may go to any teacher’s room listed. Mrs. Morgan, a science teacher here at East who is participating in the lunch study hall said, “My room is open for all three lunches”. Morgan also added that “lunch study hall is a great way to catch up and complete unfinished work.” Some other teachers participating are Weavil, Hanson, Buie, Riggins, Nesbitt, and Hill.

More students should know about this opportunity that could most likely benefit improve a student’s grades in the long run. There are many teachers willing to open their rooms to any student, and even offer extra help. Don’t be afraid to attend! You might see your grades improving.




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