Gun Laws Become More Controversial

In 2015, around 35o and more mass shootings have taken place almost catching up to the number of days in a year. The number used to measure this is recorded by which defines a mass shooting as an event in which four or more people were either killed or injured. Their definition is a little different than the FBI’s which defines it as a shooting where four or more people are killed.

In response to these mass shootings, gun control has become a very hot topic among social media and politics. There is a significant divide in views on gun control with the majority of the conservative side calling it a violation to their second amendment rights. “By taking away guns, we’re taking our right to defend ourselves. Anything can be used as a weapon, such as a rock, but we can’t outlaw that,” said Felicity Wade (’17), a member of the shooting team at East. She did say though, “that if people are properly informed on guns and taught safety rules, it would be better.”

According to Mass Shooting Tracker, in the cases where information about the criminals was provided, tougher laws could have prevented them from obtaining guns legally. “It’s so frustrating and sad,” said Timora Weaks (’18). “We can’t control gun shootings. I feel like we should enforce the second amendment but we should have proper background checks into their psychological side.”

President Obama proposed stronger background checks back in 2011 when the shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary occurred in which 20 children were fatally shot along with six staff members. The most recent major mass shooting that made headlines happened on December 2, 2015.  This was an arranged terrorist attack  in San Bernardino, California where 14 people lost their lives and left 22 injured.

In response to the shooting, many have called for stricter gun control laws, however people closest to the shooting, such as Matt Nicholson who lives in San Bernardino County, decided to buy a firearm after the attack. “It was a little too close to home,” he said.

With mixed feelings about the controversy, Democrats and Republicans have yet to settle an agreement on gun control and even if there was a law passed, there would be a lot of disagreement on the other side of things.

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