Career Options After Graduation

Are you having trouble deciding on what to do after high school? Are you getting bombarded with mail from colleges or recruiters from the military? You are not alone. It is that time of the school year, especially for seniors, to start thinking of your future endeavors. You may be thinking about a four year college and a really nice career. You may be thinking about a two year college and an average job or career. You may be even thinking about joining the military. Either way, you need to know all your options before it’s too late.

Most people in America decide to go to a four year college and follow a common career. Then there are other people who want to do something that a normal person would fear to do. Joshua Thomas (’16) falls into the second category. “I plan to join the Navy and become an underwater welder,” Thomas said. “I already know how to weld above ground, I might as well try it under water.” It is amazing to know that some jobs exist, especially in our armed forces. The armed forces has not only dedicated itself to defend the United States, but they have also dedicated themselves to have jobs for people’s interests.

Evan Smith (’16) is following a more common career choice as a doctor. “My grandfather passed away of lung cancer. That influenced me to enter the medical field in hopes to find a cure.” Becoming a doctor is not the easiest task in the world. It takes patience and a lot of time. A doctor is also one of those jobs where you think you’ve seen it all, then the extraordinary is sitting there on the operating table. For those of you who watch Grey’s Anatomy, you understand.

Kenzie Greenly (’16) is following a career path that falls between ordinary and extraordinary. “I would like to have a Master’s degree in nursing to become a flight nurse” Greenly says. “I used to want to become a veterinarian, but some people said that was boring. I like adrenaline, and being a flight nurse sounds like my kind of job.”

There is a large smorgasbord of career paths in this world, you just have to find what interests you. Do you want to become a military officer? Take ROTC in college or go to Officer Candidate School. Do you want to become a neurosurgeon? Get into med school and work your butt off. But you have to understand that you must work for success. Success is not one of those things that gets handed to you on a silver platter. So don’t slack in high school. Don’t slack in college. Don’t slack in your dream career. Work for it.

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