Virtual Reality In Gaming


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Virtual Reality is something that has been a crazy idea within the gaming industry, but is now showing up everywhere. Virtual Reality is exactly what it sounds like. It is a way to put you in anyone’s shoes, allowing you to see the world that they live in from their view.

But not many people know what VR actually is. It is simply just a headset that you would have to put on your head, and it gives the illusion that you are in the game yourself.

Tyler Douglas (’17) said, “Being able to do and see things that wouldn’t be possible without a large amount of traveling expenses.” This being that many people could find comfort or feel drawn to VR due to its vast possibilities. Ryan Davies (’16) said that it could be “an illusionary experience” which could prove most beneficial. VR could also be expensive in some sense, but it should not cost a fortune.

VR is definitely growing in popularity and that it will eventually grow to be the standard for gaming. Johanna Brooks (’16) said, “I expect it to grow in popularity” and might prove to be superior to regular gaming.

While people are thinking whether or not VR will be could, lots of people think it could be the start of a new era of gaming. Douglas said, “it would give players a more in-depth experience as their personas in the game; it’s also a good way for players to see and witness things first hand, such as war, landmarks, and other worlds.” It will most likely improve gaming and make even more people start gaming. Davies said, “It will make video games a more realistic experience than ever before.”

Thanks to many people, VR has developed to the extent that we can even start moving our bodies while we play so that it will become a more immersive experience. Brooks said, “There is a higher market for realistic gaming.” Not many people realize the opportunity in gaming and that they think it is just stupid, but many people believe that it is a way to stay connected even across continents. VR could very well be a new era of gaming and will have other applications that have yet to be discovered.

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