High School And The Job Hunt



For high school students, it is difficult to find a place that will hire you and then actually keep your job for an extended period of time. It is honestly ridiculous.

I asked fellow East Forsyth High school students Carley Rumfelt (‘17) and Robert Branscome (‘16) some questions about their jobs, and Lacey Cruz (‘17), questions about her current job hunt.

Branscome has had a job at Target for the past two months. He said, “It wasn’t too hard to get a job at all; I just had to make them want me to work for them, and I got the job.”

Rumfelt has worked at Triangle Fitness for the past ten months. She said, “My mom actually got me the job. They’ve been friends for years and when she asked if they needed someone new, they hired me.”

I asked Cruz how searching for jobs is going for her and she said, “Awful, no one is calling me back.”

I also asked her how far she was willing to branch out, meaning how far she would go to get to her job, and she claimed, “Kernersville and Walkertown. I [don’t] have time to go further when I get out of school. It makes me get home later too.”

When asked if activities they participate in interfere with their jobs, Branscome just said, “I like to go workout so my job cuts into my workout time.” Rumfelt claimed, “I don’t really do anything outside of school. Work is honestly the only thing that I do outside of school.”

Cruz said, “I’ve been looking for a job since September and I’ve applied for seven jobs, I haven’t heard back from them either.”

Unfortunately, most of the students I know are having Cruz’s luck with being able to find a job.

So good luck to everyone looking for jobs! Hopefully you’ll be able to find a job that doesn’t interfere with extracurricular activities.

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