AOTM: Michael Clark

Courtesy of MacKenzie Hungate

Courtesy of MacKenzie Hungate

Run, Michael run! The endurance man of the hour inside and outside, Michael Clark, is gearing up for what looks to be an incredible senior campaign. His excellence on the track as well as off the track is why he is your East Forsyth Athlete of the Month.

Clark has been a member of the East Forsyth cross country and indoor track teams for multiple years now, and hopes to simply get better throughout this season. When asked about his goals for the season he responded, “I hope to get my mile time around 4:30.” Clark recently cracked the 5:00 mark (

Clark does not simply run for the competition, but has specifically sited having a passion for running as a stress relief. “It does not matter how upset I am, after I run I feel great. I can shut out the world around me when I run, and that is a main reason why I enjoy it so much” said Clark. Few often think about running as a hobby but Clark certainly takes joy in it.

Clark’s teammates have always been fond of him as teammate. Drew Parrish (’18) commented, “I aspire to be like the man. His flowing hair always strikes fear in the eyes of the opponents and I desire to match that intensity. The team is not going to be the same without him next year.

When asked about his sensational work ethic, Clark responded by saying he gathers inspiration from a fellow East Forsyth student. “I wish to match the intensity of our school’s own baseball stud, Brad Nunn. His desire to succeed is unparalleled in my opinion and I hope to one day match that work ethic in order to be as successful as possible. We need more Brads in this world.”

Regarding his future, Clark responded, “I hope to take my legs to an Ivy League school. I understand the fierce competition of their track teams, but running for a school like Harvard would be a dream come true. If that doesn’t pan out, I would like to continue my studies at Chapel Hill.”

We hope the track team will fare well in their competitions this year but we also hope the individual efforts of Clark reflect his incredible work ethic. He has incredible goals for himself and we hope he accomplishes every single one of them!


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