The Holographic Future Is Here!


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Is the future here? The holographic computer is being developed.

The holographic computer is a computer that is being developed by Microsoft at this time. The computer that Microsoft is developing consists of a headset that you would have to wear to be able to see the projection.

Mr. Cockerham a teacher at East Forsyth High School say’s that the new computer could “take up less counter space, increase portability, but would not be the answer to every application.” The computer could very well help out with many problems and improve precision and accuracy within projects, but that is only if they produce the product correctly.

There will be much talk on how much this new device will cost. Evan Osborne(’17) said, this will cost “a lot”. While Billy Howington (’17) said, “I think based off of the current production costs of a holographic computer, I would put it around $1-3,000.”

This computer could very well cost a varying amount in the thousands initially, but will eventually go down in price after it is released.

Many people can expect that this computer will be a success and prove as a valuable asset that will help us in the near future. Howington said, “I don’t have huge expectations, every time someone or thing comes out with something new it takes time to get better so this will just be a start for a much better further down the line computer.” Osborne would agree with Howington as he say’s that the computer “could be great, but will probably have a lot of bugs.”

With a new computer coming out, students at East wonder if they will be used on campus in classrooms. Osborne said, “probably not, but that depends on how expensive it is” and it all comes down to how much the computer will actually cost. While Howington said, “since it is by Microsoft, we have a chance at the using it for educational purposes.” When this computer finally drops, there will be many people buying it, but it will not be the holographic computer of our dreams until it goes through many more updates and innovations.

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