Registration Worries Put To Rest


GetAttachment (1)“If you have to drag someone to register, they’re not highly motivated.” -Roger Stone. Here lies our biggest struggle of the school year, registration for next year’s classes. What should be an anticipated time, is only as stressful as ever.

With the next school year in mind, registration is a key step towards our prospered futures. Picking the right classes could lie between you and your dream job. While some classes are required for college, or the military, or rather certain career paths you choose; the classes we sign up for can make or break our next school year experience. This article is written to provide you with tips on how to overcome the worries and help better prepare you for registration and the road lying ahead of you.

Kathy Jaramillo (’17) stated, “I’m worried about what classes I should take in order to help me have a better chance to get into a good college and help me have a chance at receiving scholarships.” She also commented that to help her decide on what classes to take. She said that she “decide[s] by seeing what classes will benefit [her] the most and help [her] out in the long run like AP classes because they count as a college credit.” When asked what she does to overcome her insecurities about registration for next year, she replied, “I usually ask friends what classes they are taking and if I’m really unsure I try to talk to my guidance counselor.”

Which brings to another huge point: the role of your guidance counselor! Guidance counselors are here to provide comfort and guidance to plan which steps we should take to prepare us for life outside of high school. Ms. Geter said, “A lot of senior students stress about preparing for college, submitting college applications, and doing well on the ACT and/or the SAT. Other concerns I hear about are schedules, making sure the students are taking the classes they need to graduate, as well as finding a balance between school life and having a social life.” To help calm all the nerves, Geter suggests, “Do not skip class, and always work really hard and give everything your best effort.” With following these steps, the rest falls into place.

Austin Adams (’17) commented on registration too. “Well, it being my senior year a bunch of us are just looking at classes we need to graduate or maybe classes we are seriously thinking about taking in college.” He also said, “My worries about registration for next school year is putting a lot into class and it end up being crappy.” This unfortunately tends to be true for some students, but if you ever become discouraged Adams suggest, “have faith and ask around and talk to teachers to make sure that’s the teacher you really want to have for that long a period of time and that you are for sure that you can handle keeping up with that class.” Thanks for the advice Adams!

Hopefully this article made you feel more in a comfortable place, securing you’re not the only one freaking out about registration and your future plans! Trust me we are all in the same boat, but that’s what counselors and friends are here for. Are you ready for registration?


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