Rate Your Fear With New Website By EFHS Alumnus

Courtesy of Scott Plybon

What makes the perfect horror movie? With a new twist on rating movies based on scariness, reelscary.com is sure to knock your socks off.

Former East student, Scott Plybon, is the creator and designer of the new website. He is currently a graduate student at UNC Charlotte and is studying computer science. When asked about his source of inspiration for reelscary.com, Plybon explained, “I had two thoughts when coming up with the idea for the site. I wanted to come up with something that no one has ever thought of before that would not be too difficult to turn into a website. I also wanted to make something that people can use in their everyday lives.  I figured that movies were something that people thought about and consumed often, so why not create a site centered around reviewing movies in an original way.”

On the website, people rate movies based on three categories: disturb, gore, and suspense. Viewers are able to see the highest rated movies for each category, and the overall scariness. The movies listed on reelscary.com range from The Conjuring (2013) to The Sixth Sense (1999) to Alien (1979). The website currently has 7,000 movie ratings. When asked about the progress of the reelscary, Plybon said, “The site is doing well.  Right now we are doing a t-shirt contest, and the site has received a decent amount of traffic from that.  The top five users with the most ratings for the month of December will receive a free t-shirt.”

Plybon was recently interviewed on “The Ghost Influence Podcast” where he shared more in-depth information about the making of the website.

Looking towards the future, Plybon stated, “I would like to be able to partner with some big movie sites, like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB.  It’s possible that I will partner up with shudder.com, which is a horror streaming website, [and it] would be incredible for getting some publicity for the site.  The end goal would be to make some money from it, but for now I’m just happy that people are using it.”

Next time you’re deciding which scary movie to watch, check out reelscary.com to get the inside scoop.


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