Eagles Lacrosse 2016

Just as the first semester ends, spring sports begin there preparations for the upcoming season.  The East Forsyth lacrosse team will start up after exams and they begin the season on the road with some very good opponents.

In the team’s first game they will face off against Page High School who always has a very skilled and fundamental team.  The Eagles will also play R.J. Reynolds, a team that made it to the semi-finals of the state playoffs just last year (maxpreps.com).  Although these are not conference games, they are still important.  They will prepare the team for what types of opponents they will see in the playoffs.

Senior defenseman Dylan Rassmussen had some thoughts on the start of the season.  He says he is “excited to play the top dogs.  It really gives us a chance to show what we are made of.” Rassmussen, also known as “New York” on the team, knows they are “going to have to work really hard if we want to be prepared for the big games”.  He says he expects a lot of running and push-ups in the workouts before the season starts.

Senior captain Parker Dotson also expressed his expectations for the season.  He knows the schedule is tough, but his response to that was, “Hey, to be the best, you got to beat the best.”  This being his fourth year on the team, Dotson believes it could be the best season yet.  “The team is filled with young talent ready to burst, it is just my job as captain to lead them in the right direction.”

One thing is for sure, it will be hard to top the season the Eagles had last year.  With the first playoff appearance and win, it was the best season in the team’s short history.  But even with the loss of starters on both offense and defense, the team has some serious potential.  This is one team you do not want to sleep on this year!

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