AP Tests, Here We Come!


Whether you’re diving head first into AP Psychology, APES, or AP U.S. History, here’s how you should get ready! At East there are a variety of AP, or Advanced Placement, classes for students who are ready to take on classes that are harder than honors or regular classes. Even though these classes look good on your transcript, they’re a lot harder than people think because of the tough workload and challenging topics.

Some of the most popular classes are: AP Psychology with Ms. Smith and AP Language with Ms. Agee, but what does it take to make it through these tough college level courses? Ms. Smith said, “The problem is that [AP Psychology] is so different, they just have to come in willing to work with an open mind!”

Maddy Shelor (’18), who is currently enrolled in Smith’s class said, “I know how to work on balancing my classes and my personal life. School always comes first; I’ll do my homework before I go out or I stay up late to finish it.”

There’s got to be a balance between AP classes and other non-AP classes as well as sports and other extracurricular activities.

When thinking about taking AP classes, make sure the workload is something that can be handled. Ms. Agee said, “There are about four books we read: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Walden, In Cold Blood, and The Great Gatsby. We also write a ton of essays in this class. It’s not overwhelming if you stay on top of it; it’s effective and all of it has a purpose.”

AP classes are a great thing to take though, they give you a chance to experience a college level class and they help prepare you for it! Shelor said, “I took AP classes because I will eventually have to take them in college so why not take them now?” If you take AP classes and do well on the exams they count as college credits depending on the college and what your score is.

So if you’re getting ready for APs make sure you know what you’re in for whether it’s through talking to other students or the teachers themselves! Also don’t overwhelm yourself with AP classes either, 1-3 is a good amount per year.

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